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3 Essential Hair Care Tips To Protect Your Hair After Holi


Holi is not only the festival of colors, but it comes along with the fun and the enthusiasm. However, in all the enjoyment we cannot forget about our hair, right. So, using some pre-hair care tips can help you in maintaining your hair shine and health even after the damage caused by Holi colors. Now you can enjoy the festival without any worry. Along with the pre-Holi care tips, don’t forget about the Holi fashion. You can get a white Aurelia kurta and pair it with an interesting bottom-wear.

Here we have listed tips for you, have a look-

Care with Coconut Oil

Add coconut oil in your pre as well as post-Holi hair care regime. Apply a good amount of oil from the scalp to hair tips. This will prevent Holi’s chemical-laden colors from sticking to your tresses and also allow easy washing post the festive enjoyment. Apart from the oil, there is no better protective layer that you can use for your hair as well for the skin on Holi.

Pinup or Coverup

Another best way to protect your hair is- either by tying a top knot and make a bun or cover it up. You can search for the easy and trendy bun and ponytail ideas to try this Holi. Or if you want to go with another option, then get a printed scarf and tie it either in a turban style or just in a simple way.

Deep Conditioning

Post festivity, don’t miss having a nice bath and wash your hair. First, shampoo your hair thoroughly in such a way that all the colors will get removed. After this apply a nourishing mask or a conditioner that suits you. Keep it for 5 minutes at least or as directed, then rinse off. You can do this after two days again to fix the damage.

3 Essential Hair Care Tips To Protect Your Hair After Holi

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