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3 Essential Makeup Tips for festive season 2020


We know you must be preparing for the festive season now, but along with the shopping don’t forget about your makeup looks. As the makeup looks also complement your whole attire, so you need to focus on this part as well. However, if you haven’t thought about it yet, don’t worry we have come up with few makeup tips for you to get the glam look.

While shopping kurta sets and dresses for all the upcoming festivals, don’t forget to list the makeup inspirations as well.

Let’s start with our festive makeup tips and how you can use your product for the glam look.

All about base first

For getting a glam, festive-ready look, the fine layer of base plays a vital role. Hence, to get your base on point, you should focus on your skincare as well. If your skin feels good from inside as well as outside, the right base will blend perfectly on it. Keep your skin hydrated, use a good moisturizer, and always choose the right foundation according to your skin texture, and color.

Blend your base well using either foundation brush or beauty blender that suits you the best. And you are done, now move to the next step.

Note: Always remember to use a good primer before applying the foundation. As it creates a barrier between the product and your skin and also smoothen out the pores for a great finish.

Let Your Eyes Speak

Eye makeup is important, as it defines your eyes texture and shape well, and also give color to your face after applying the base. You can experiment a lot with eye makeup, the festive season gives you this freedom. You can go for a dramatic look, colorful eyes, metallic eyes, and even glitter eyes.

Before start doing your eyes, remember to apply concealer for the even tone, and then set it with powder. By doing this your eye makeup will look as stunning as you are.

Highlight For Extra Shine

Highlighter is a must, because- it is festive season though. Happiness, lights, and lots of glow- is the main theme of each festive season, so using a highlighter on the high points of your cheeks, eyes, and nose bridge becomes essential.

Don’t forget to give your cheeks a flush of rosy blush for that cute and fresh look. If you prefer bronze, you can also use that for the night festive parties to get the bold look.

3 Essential Makeup Tips for festive season 2020

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