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5 Make-up Tips To Learn From Dia Mirza


Now learn from the expert! Dia Mirza- who doesn’t need any introduction, of course, has been a true inspiration for each generation. Whether it is about fashion, skin, hair care, sustainable living hacks, fitness, beauty tricks, and what not, Dia Mirza is one-stop-destination for all of these. Her social media feeds are chock-full of inspirational quotes, full-frame pictures where she fearlessly shows her natural skin and flowing strands. And not only this, her feeds have so many things to learn from.

Here, we will highlight 5 make-up tips that we have learned from Mirza.

  1. Make-up needs prep-up first

This is what we all know, that prepping the skin is the most important thing for flawless make-up. But most of you don’t know that Mirza likes to carry her make-up kit wherever she goes. For her, a liquid foundation is what suits her skin, and gives any amount of courage that you want. For her, she likes to keep her coverage light and let her shinny skin highlight.

  1. Accentuate the Feature that you like

Dia Mirza mostly applies shades of pink and nudes on her lips, but when it comes to eyes, she likes to keep that minimal yet classy. For the day event she often uses earthy colors, and for night events, you will notice the actress in smoky and smudgy eyes. A perfect black outlining or eye-definer prepares your eyes to speak a lot.

  1. Glossy Eye- A dramatic Addition

When you want to move ahead of earthy tones and usual eye make-up, try what Dia Mirza likes to do. Use a glossy eye shadow or just apply a lip tint over it to achieve that rocking glossy eye look. This is a low-effort and a high-impact make-up look.

  1. Blow Dry for Non-Messy Look

For Dia Mirza, simplicity is the first choice, and when she has her hair down, she blows dry for a perfect elegant look. She even applies a trick to give volume to her hair- toss your hair over, give a back blow dry and flip it back. She likes to keep minimal and less is more for her- just a pined-up her and all glowing skin in front.

  1. Skin Care is Must

If you haven’t learned skincare from her, then you have noticed nothing in Dia’s feeds. She confidently comes with barely any make-up on her skin with a full-frame shot, as she fearlessly believes the power of inner beauty and courage. And this is the reason that she gives lots of attention to her skincare. She gives nutrition straight from fruits that she eats. For example, if she is having orange, then rub a slice of it over her face and let it rest for 10 minutes before washing it off.

5 Make-up Tips To Learn From Dia Mirza

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