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5 Things to Do During Lockdown


It’s been more than a month of lockdown in India and we all are staying inside our respective homes. I am sure that none of us like sitting at home, and it does become boring after some time. Though most of us doing work from I assume, so office work is getting done from home. However, what we should do in spare time as going out for a movie, dinner, party or shopping is not possible now. In this blog, we are talking about 5 things that you can do while we are at home.

  1. Reading: You can read those books you bought but never got time to read. If you are not an avid reader, then you can listen to it through Audible and other book reading apps. You can also download or buy e-books and read on your Kindle or phone.
  2. Online Shopping: Who does not like shopping, so why not give yourself a treat. Online shopping for women is one of the best options, as you will be able to browse through and choose the best. You can buy clothes for your summer closet, like women kurta, kurta sets online, and get ready with a brand-new closet once lockdown gets over.
  3. Learning something new: You can learn cooking, baking, or whatever you wish to. There are courses online that you can subscribe to. You can pursue a hobby like photography, music, etc. The idea is to use your time effectively and stay in a positive zone.
  4. Cleaning & revamping your space: This could be a not to so interesting task in the beginning as you will need to clean your entire house before you plan on redecorating it. However, the result will give you immense satisfaction.
  5. Working out: Staying fit mentally and physically is highly important and that’s why you should definitely find time for some yoga or workout. As you cannot go to the park or gym now, do workouts that are possible at home. You can check online for these kinds of videos as well.
5 Things to Do During Lockdown

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