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Digital Fatigue Is Real- Here’s How You Can Battle Against It


For a few months, we all have been confined to our house and most of us started being in front of the screen more than we usually do. In work from home, people are giving their double attention to work. And rest of the time they are spending either on their phones or watching T.V, without realizing that how much digital interaction can affect them.

Digital fatigue is another major concern that is increasing today due to which people are facing dry eyes, headaches, backache, trouble concentrating, and more. This situation is not limited to few, but it is the story of most of the people. But you don’t need to worry, because we are here to give you advice on how you can get over from this digital fatigue.

Fight and Win!

Digital fatigue not only makes you tired mentally or physically, but it also damages your skin. Hence, we have a solution to combat.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a great tool that works in every aspect of life. In the era where our screen time is increasing, we advise you to calculate your screen time and don’t let it exceed. In every 2 hours, take a pause from work for at least 15-20 minutes. If you are doing your office work and taking a break from it, don’t move to your mobile, instead do something else. You can meditate or have a small walk inside your house.

Online Shopping

We know that maybe you are not moving out of your house, but you can do online shopping. We know that shopping also acts as a remedy for many people. So, why don’t you do something that you like? Go for online shopping, shop Aurelia Kurtas, and more that you like.

Increase Body Movement

Whenever you finish work, take a break and move your body. While working on a desk and sitting for long hours, your body may feel tired. Hence, doing body movement can help you so much. You can do basic stretching, move your feet in a circular motion, or have a walk inside the house.

Use Antioxidant Skin Care

Antioxidant based skincare products and even an antioxidant-rich diet can make you feel good within. Your skin will glow, and your body system will also feel energized. Digital fatigue causes so much harm to skin, most prominently to eyes. Hence, you can use cooling aloe vera gel, under-eye cream, or even use cucumber for the instant relax.

Digital Fatigue Is Real- Here’s How You Can Battle Against It

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