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Food & Drinks to keep you warm this Fall!


Temperature is dropping and you are adding more and more winter outfits to your closet. But you also need to prepare your body to fight with the changing weather. Get addicted to these healthy food habits to enhance the immune-boosting power of your body.


Made for each other definitely, whole grain vegetable oats and spine chilling cold weather outside. It is the best to balance the dose of fiber and plant-based proteins in your body. One bowl every morning in breakfast and you are sorted!

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Hot Chocolate

It is obvious that you can’t say no to Chocolates and what else can be better than having a cup of hot chocolate every morning this winter. So do add a little dark chocolate to your diet this fall as it’s a great health booster.

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Black Bean Soup

This winter, beat the dropping temp by having a soup with cumin and chili pepper. Beans are the nutrition star of this dish with a good source of iron and copper. Have a sip of this soup and make your immune system winter ready.

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Brussels Sprouts

As you welcome fall, get ready to prepare your body for the same. Contains full of fiber and cancer-fighting phytonutrients, Brussels sprouts have high amount of Vitamin C. This season, stay protected and warm having sprouts every day.

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Ginger Tea

Tea is a must for winters. Prepare your tea by adding ginger to it. Having thermo genic properties, ginger keeps you warm, boost metabolism and promote the flow of blood.

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Food & Drinks to keep you warm this Fall!

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