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Make This Holi Safe With Pre-Skin Care Tips


Holi is the festival of colors and lots of fun, but thanks to the chemicals in the colors that each time ruins the fun. However, we don’t let this happen, because with some pre-Holi skincare tips you can save your skin this time. Before you head out for the Holi party, prep your skin well, as colors are not the only thing but exposure to the sun for long hours can also damage a lot.

We have some skin care tips that will help you play Holi in a way that is safe for your skin. So, grab your white kurta set from Aurelia and enjoy the festival.

Have a look at our checklist and be prepared:

Prep Up

Before you step out for Holi, prep your skin well. The first enemy of skin will be the sun and its hot waves, so apply a good amount of sunscreen with SPF 50 and UV++ protection. Apply on the entire body and not just only on your face. If possible wear full sleeves kurta and pants to cover most of the area. Sunscreen will create a protective shield on your skin and will protect you from getting tanned.

Natural oils are also a good idea to apply, as they not only moisturize the skin but also don’t allow the colors to stick to the skin.

Cover Up

Holi festival is an outdoor activity which means colors, sun, dust, heat, etc. This can harm a lot, so it is better to cover-up most of your body area. Wear full sleeves kurta, tops, trousers, pants, women salwar and so on. You can even tie a scarf on your head so that no direct sun heat falls on you. If you are thinking to step out in open-toe footwear then it could cause red marks and tan on your pretty feet. So it is better to opt for old shoes.

Choose cotton clothes to wear, because the fabric is breathable and won’t develop rashes or any other allergy due to sweat.

Don’t Ignore Lips, Eyes, Ears, and Nails

Pay attention to the more sensitive areas and color can settle down there. Nails, ears, lips, and eyes are the areas that are most exposed and from these areas, color is difficult to come off. Hence, to protect them you can apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly under your eyes, between your fingers, behind your ears. And for the fingers coat dark color nail paint so that colors won’t get stick to your skin or even you can apply olive oil on your tips before touching colors.

Make This Holi Safe With Pre-Skin Care Tips

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