Salwar kurta sets are beautiful outfits that are being worn by Indian women for many centuries. The traditional forms of women’s churidar or salwar kurta sets have seen a lot of alterations and transformations with time. The Indian women keep loving and trying the new styles of suit sets every time. Just as much as we focus on the style and design, do we give enough thought to the fabric with which they are made? We must make sure that, while buying women’s suit sets online , the fabric is also given importance as they can alter the overall look and appearance of the outfit. Under Aurelia suit sets online, you can find churidar sets and salwar kurta sets made using various materials. Let’s find out more:

Rayon/ viscose is a very commonly used material to make kurta sets. This fabric is as beautiful and comfortable as silk, and is known as ‘artificial silk’. This fabric is very popular owing to its myriad qualities including it being very versatile, breathable, blends with other fibers and is soft and silky in nature. Buy Aurelia suit sets online made in rayon or viscose, as it is otherwise called, and sport them at casual functions confidently.


Polyester is a synthetic fibre and has many benefits that natural fibres don’t have. Apart from being an inexpensive option when compared to other natural fibres, they also have other advantages like being strong and flexible, resisting wrinkles and shrinking and also drying very quickly. Aurelia has a stunning collection of polyester kurta sets that you can buy online at reasonable prices.

Cotton Rayon Mix

When the properties of two great fabrics are blended, it forms a new material with better performance than either of the two. The blended fibre shows the good characteristics of both the parent fibres and excels in performance. Women’s churidar sets or salwar kurta sets made of cotton rayon mix shows the good traits of cotton and rayon, like; it forms a soft, silky, breathable and comfortable material to wear.


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Many varieties of the silk material are made in India, like Mysore silk, Banarasi silk, Jamdani silk, Matka silk, Tussar silk and more. The silk material is often associated with regality and panache. One of the first fabrics you would think of wearing while attending a traditional function would be silk. It’s comfortable to wear and stunning to look at.