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Simple & Easy Yoga Poses during Lockdown


The importance of mental and physical health in the current scenario cannot be ignored. The chaos and negative news around, panic of getting infected, not able to go out cause of restrictions and safety, all these adding up to the reason of growing anxiety. Staying at home and working from home is also affecting physical health as there is no physical activity happening. For most of us, shopping works as stress relief, be it buying kurtas or kurtis online or anything for the home. Stress is the biggest reason behind most problems, whether in our relationships or our health. It feeds on us daily, leaving us frustrated, anxious, and often directionless. One of the best solutions to this modern crisis is the ancient practice of yoga. Studies have shown that yoga reduces stress and improves immunity. There are various yoga poses that one can practice but considering the busy schedules, we are giving you three simple poses that can be easily done at home.


 Image source: https://www.doyou.com/


The Firm Pose

Any day you’re too stressed to sleep, the Firm Pose can be helpful. Lie relaxed with your right arm under your head, using it as a pillow. This eases your breathing movements, improves digestion, and therefore, puts you in a state of relaxation.



The Snake Pose:

Snake Pose is known to strengthen your spine. Lie on your stomach with your legs stretched and toes pointed outward. Make sure that your arms are at your sides with palms down and your forehead on the floor. Slowly raise your head and neck upward and backward. Plant your hands on both sides when your head and neck are slightly raised. Inhale and raise your thorax and the upper part of the abdomen while ensuring your body remains fixed to the ground.



The Happy Baby Pose:

The Happy Baby pose offers a relaxing stretch for your hips and lower back. Lie on your back, bend your knees, and hold onto the outside edges of your feet with your hands. Gently use your upper body strength to pull your knees toward the bed. Stay like this for five deep breaths, then release slowly.

Simple & Easy Yoga Poses during Lockdown

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