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Try These Nani-Ke-Nuskhe For Pre-Festive Glow


Revamping the closet for festive is not enough, along with stylish attire you also need to work out on your skin. A naturally glowing skin is what that shows up the real happiness of the festive season. To get the glow naturally healthy diet is essential and along with this, you can try some Nani-Ke-Nuskhe that comes straight from the kitchen. Remember something?

So here we are with some effective home remedy ideas for glowing skin with which you can start your pre-festive preparation. Along with shopping kurta sets, now take care of your skin as well.

Now allow us to take you back in the time when Nani used to preach us to use her magic remedies for the face.


Turmeric is an easily available spice in the kitchen, it is anti-bacterial and has so many other benefits. And it is also effective when applied on the face, to remove sun tanning, black marks, and uneven skin tone, use turmeric.


You can mix turmeric with gram flour or besan and curd, make a fine paste using the ingredients and then apply it on your face. Doing it twice or thrice in a week changes the texture, makes skin glowing, and brings out the natural glow.

Raw Milk

Milk is what we all cannot miss, as it is good for bones. But apart from drinking milk, we suggest you apply it on your face and neck regularly. This removes the uneven tone of the face and it is a natural toner.


You can use raw milk as it is, without mixing it with any other ingredient. Just take two spoons of raw milk in a bowl and dab cotton ball in it and apply it on your face, neck, and lips. Wait until it completely dries up, then wash your face using water only. Using this home remedy for glowing skin every day in the morning will make your skin crystal clear.

Coconut Oil

You have used coconut oil for hair and scalp, and few people also use virgin coconut oil for cooking as well. Coconut oil has so many benefits it locks the moisture into the skin and nourishes with fatty acids. This makes your skin soft, removes marks, and creates barriers against UV rays. The oil is very light on the skin so you won’t feel heavy on the skin.


You can use coconut oil in place if night cream, and on the scars, stretch marks, and even on the wounds to clear them. Wash your face before sleeping, then take 4-5 drops of coconut oil on palm and heat it by rubbing hands together. Now pat the oil all over your face and neck, then massage at least for 3-5 minutes. Let it soak into the skin and have your beauty sleep, then in the morning wash your face with normal water.

Try These Nani-Ke-Nuskhe For Pre-Festive Glow

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