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Monsoon Styling – Get a trendy look In Ethnic


The pleasant rainy season is here! The season is a much-needed relief from the scorching summer. In monsoon, you can experiment with your styling and looks. It is high time to get out of your comfort zone and dress up in bright colours. Well, monsoon is the season when you can try pop colours like yellow, blue, pink and other popping colours. These colours make you stand out in a crowd, brighten up your look and make you feel vibrant. Get your favourite styles from ethnic dresses, kurta sets, bottom-wear collections.

Here we listed few suggestions, have a look-

Dark Colour with Bright Colour

Dark colours are for all seasons and can be styled with bright colours to enhance the look. For example, if you want to wear black pants, pair them with a bright coloured kurta or top. You can also wear print or textured top-wear for an attractive look. Style the whole look with trendy flat footwear for a season-perfect look.

Bright Ethnic Dresses

Ethnic dresses are so in trend these days and if you miss wearing something like that in the monsoon, then Aurelia is a perfect place for you. You can choose from a wide collection of ethnic dresses in different patterns, textures, colours and styles. Get bright colour dresses such as yellow, fuchsia pink, olive green and more. Style the dress with Aurelia’s footwear and accessories for a complete look.

Ethnic with Fusion Twist

For a twisted or a contemporary look, you can mix and match ethnic outfits with fusion wear. Get the look in ethnic kurta and pair it with printed palazzo pants. You can match a pair of flared culottes with a top. And if you want to layer up then get a printed bright colour gilet over your spaghetti top and jeans. Complete your style by adding accessories and footwear.

Monsoon Styling – Get a trendy look In Ethnic

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