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This Diwali, don’t let pollution dull your Skin!


Diwali is here, you must have a long list in your mind like shopping, cleaning, decoration, gifts, etc. but while taking care of all this your skin suffers the most. Facing the pollution, dirt and dust, your skin becomes dull and fatigued. You must ensure that along with your outfit your skin should look bright and glowing.

Check out these awesome Diwali skin care tips to pamper you during the festive season:

1. Double Cleanse

Pollution & dirt blocks the pores of your skin making it dull. The best way to keep your pores clean is double cleanse. Once you reach home, use cleansing oil or micellar water to remove make-up and skincare products. Choose the cleanser based on your skin type i.e. for an oily skin use one that deep cleanses your pores and for dry skin, use a hydrating cleanser.

Double Cleanse

Image Credit: Dermstore

2. Exfoliate

Glowing skin is not a joke. You have to make efforts to keep your skin soft and glowing. Give your whole body a good scrub as this will remove all dead skin cells without making it dry or flaky. Make your own natural fuss-free face and body scrub using walnut shell powder and body wash. Mix two tbsp. of walnut shell powder with two tbsp. of body wash/face wash in a bowl. Now use this mixture to exfoliate your skin. And that’s all about it. Get a feathery soft skin instantly. Moisturize your skin after this!


Image Credit: L’Oreal Paris

3. Multi Masking

Amp up your skin care routine using multi masks. Multi-masking lets you apply two or more masks targeting at your specific skin care needs. It can be done by zoning or through layering basis on your skin type or concerns you have. It relaxes your skin and keeps it away from the harmful effects of pollution and makeup. Do consult with a skin specialist to understand what kind of mask you need.

Multi Masking

Image Credit: Cult Beauty

4. Insta-Facials

We understand you are going through a hectic schedule and amidst that it is not possible to follow an extensive beauty routine. So here is a solution! Go to your dermatologist and ask them for an instant microdermabrasion facial. It helps in removing all dead skin cells leaving your skin glowing. You can surely find a lot of dermatologists who provide Insta-facials services. It is a quick process of 20 minutes which rejuvenates your skin easily.


Image Credit: InSpa

Well above all the best way to keep your skin glowing is happiness.

Stay happy & keep your skin healthy!

This Diwali, don’t let pollution dull your Skin!

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