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Upcoming fashion trends for 2020!


2020 would be the year, where fashion will come out in a very holistic way, newer trends will crop up, digital fashion will become even stronger and bold + beautiful will be the raging word for the year.

  • Faux Leather

It is going to be a staple for 2020. People who are looking to go bold this year and experiment with fashion can use colours such as Teal, Sunshine yellow or even cobalt blue.

  • Free-flowing silhouettes

The year will witness the return of the retro look from 60s & 70s. From sleeves that turn heads and flattering ruffles, one can invest in style that work best for your body shape and look uber-chic.

  • Bold prints

They will make their way back this year, florals, polka dots or graffiti inspired prints are coming back in trend, the only key here is layering it the right way.

  • Shades of Blue

Blue is the new black, for 2020. If you are someone who doesn’t has an affinity for loud colours, try pairing blue with neutrals or white for a dynamic toned-down look.

  • Black, Grey & White

These are the colours that never go out of fashion, however this year they are going to be even bigger. Combinations which are sophisticated can be paired with them and you can never go wrong. Majority of the collections would have these colours at the base.

Upcoming fashion trends for 2020!

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