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5 must-have colours for this season


We all have our favourite colours and most of the time we end up buying a lot of clothes in and around that colour. Some of us love to explore various colours when it comes to buying clothes, and some just go with their comfortable shades. However, there are few colours that all of us should have in our closet, these are mostly basic colours like white, black, blue, red, etc. Then comes those shades that are trending on a season. Starting from celebrity to fashion experts everyone suggests these colours to go for. In this blog, we are talking about those 5 colours that are trending this season.

White: Let’s start with white, as white is timeless and trending this season. A white women kurta, a crisp white shirt, white is always a must-have. Check out white kurta and kurti for women from Aurelia’s latest spring collection.

Pink: Pink is a colour that gives you warmth with delicacy. The coral pink shade is getting popular among fashionistas and celebrities. The soft and soothing colour is infused with the latest designs in all women top wear in Aurelia.

Blue: The light blue shade is trending this season. The light blue colour shows elegance and confidence and goes well with almost all occasions. Aurelia has a wide range of blue kurta online which you should check out now.

Red: Bold and bright, red always denotes energy and strength. A bright red women kurta paired with a contrast palazzo can make a strong statement look that oozes confidence. Aurelia has a wide range of red kurtas and kurtas sets online available in its recent collection.

Green: The cool and refreshing aqua green shade is perfect for Spring. It is getting wide popularity nowadays. The subtle hue is comforting to eyes and shows your cool sense of fashion. You will find a unique collection of aqua blue shades on Aurelia online.

5 must-have colours for this season

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