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Useful tips to keep your skin glowing this winter


Weather is getting colder day by day and we are busy wearing layers on layers. But this dropping temp is not good for your skin also. As the humidity levels are going down, it results in dry air which can steal moisture away from the skin. Don’t allow the condition to get worse leading to cracking and bleeding.

Here are some quick tips to keep your skin healthy, smooth and glowing this winter:

Get, Set & Wet in Lukewarm Water

Hot showers are must to feel fresh and healthy. Even if you are washing face or hands, choose lukewarm water to avoid shedding oils from the skin.

Moisturize after every wash

Ensure you apply moisturizer right after you wash your face and hands. Keep the moisturizer near the bathtub or shower stall and use it every time you wash. Selection of the moisturizer should be done carefully as there are some creams that have petroleum-based ingredients. This can further dry your skin making it rough and dull. So choose the natural, nourishing moisturizer for your soft skin.

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Use protective accessories

Protect your skin with gloves, cap and scarves whenever you are stepping out. Also, apply sunscreen as winter sun is as harmful as the summer.

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Install a Humidifier

Humidifier is another way to help prevent your skin from drying out. Install it in your bedroom and keep your skin healthier all day.

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Drink more water

We drink less water during winters and prefer hot drinks like coffee, tea more. But your skin needs to be hydrated from inside. Try some warm water with lemon to refresh and hydrate your skin simultaneously.

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Moisturize overnight

Don’t forget your skin at night. Applying deep moisturizing skin cream while sleeping, you can seal the moisture until morning.

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Useful tips to keep your skin glowing this winter

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